Scivago™ Sizing & Condition
Measurements (in inches)
C = Chest
A = Arms
L = Length
S = Shoulders

The chest measurements listed below are meant only as a general sizing guide.

General coat sizes, based on chest measurements
Small: 32"-36"
Medium: 36"-40"
Large: 40" +

-------------------------------------------- SIZING --------------------------------------------

There really is no industry standard when it comes to sizing. With this in mind, matching our measurements with your own is the best way to find a great-fitting vintage coat.

Chest measurements are always taken across the fullest part of your torso.

Arm measurements are taken on the outside, from shoulder seam to wrist (or natural shoulder, if there is no seam).

Length for a coat means shoulder to hem.

Shoulder measurements are taken from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.

The #1 secret to looking great is making sure your clothes fit you perfectly. We are happy to provide any extra measurements that we haven't already provided.

---------------------------------------- CONDITION ----------------------------------------

Vintage also means that a normal amount of wear is to be expected. In fact, it shouldn’t look brand new. After all, what would vintage be without a little history. Buttons, snaps, collars, sleeves, and hems should all show some sign of being loved and worn.

Scivago™ only buys coats that have been well cared for. We take great pride in delivering pieces that are clean and free of smells, stains and moth damage.

Each piece has its original designer label and we never claim that a piece is by a certain designer if the label is missing.

Vintage clothing offers something that simply doesn’t exist today. It allows you to stand out in a crowd because what you’re wearing is one-of-a-kind!

The following will help you get an idea of any flaws that a garment may have.

Mint = Mint condition with no flaws at all. There won't be any stains, tears or discoloration.

Excellent = Will show some very minor wear.

Great = Shows some expected wear for its age, like slight softening from being washed or some all-over fading.

Good = There may be a shadow stain. Great for photo shoots or reconstruction but not for general wear.

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